Single Day Privacy Roadmap


Privageo’s Single Day Privacy Roadmap is an assessment that provides you with a rapid path to quickly determine your privacy preparedness including CCPA & CPRA. It’s targeted to those who seek a prioritized, high-level plan of action or have not yet started their privacy compliance efforts. It delivers a risk ‘heatmap’, prioritized action plan and budgets that can be shared with C-suite sponsors and board.


The roadmap covers all components in the Data Privacy ecosystem. Our scope is broad and comprehensive, aiming to provide meaningful guidance in a one-day condensed time frame. (1 Single Day)


We complete our high-level reviews using surveys, interviews and data gathering activities prioritized to target areas based on level of risk, level of effort and privacy gaps versus your minimum defensible and viable target states. For each gap, we outline a ‘Plan of Action and Milestone’ (POAM) in accordance with an abbreviated version of the federally adopted NIST 800–53 Data Privacy standards.


  • Interviews with key stakeholders
  • Review of current processes and data governance related artifacts
  • Review of your technical / data environment and initial data inventory
  • Risk “Heat Map” identifying areas where you are most vulnerable
  • High-level roadmap of prioritized activities
  • Nominal estimates of budget, resources and time required to implement
  • Consumer Data Privacy Request and Response Blueprint (DSAR Requests)