Brad Kelso

Managing Partner and Co-Founder

As Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Privageo, Brad focuses on delivering solutions that address data compliance and risk management challenges to meet the increasing demands of data privacy and security.

With 20+ years in management roles at CoreLogic, Bank of America, Home Savings and Ellie Mae spanning Technology, Product Development and Finance, Brad excels at understanding the complexities and nuances of data privacy and security management. He’s unique in blending “deep-dive” capabilities and experience with a ‘real world’ practicality to every client engagement.

Outside Privageo, Brad invests time leading youth soccer since 1993 and also active in performing arts throughout Southern California.

Steve Kerler

Managing Partner and Co-Founder

As Managing Partner and Co-founder of Privageo, Steve is focused on raising privacy awareness, advising clients and maintaining a pulse on the ever-changing privacy & security landscape – inclusive of legal updates, client needs, technological advancements, and partnerships.

Over his 40+ year career, Steve has consulted with 50+ Fortune 500 companies across 20+ industries and business functions. He previously held executive roles at U.S. Foodservice, Pcubed (a global management consulting firm), and Mars, Inc.

Steve is a fervent believer that “good data stewardship builds trust which drives good business” and that privacy and security are human problems that are best tackled with a strong privacy-minded culture. This passion led Steve to co-found PrivacyOC with Brad, a 900+ member “give-back” organization serving privacy and security through education and networking. He also served as the Co-Chair of the Orange County Chapter of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

Outside Privageo, Steve is passionate about mentorship – actively coaching both college students and graduates to guide them as they transition from college campus to career.


Unlike our competitors, we focus on talent… not numbers. Privageo consultants bring a special blend of quality thinking, ethics, and character to ensure that we are as comfortable in our suits with your companies C-Suite as we are in our boots on the frontline.


From the C-suite, to the server room, to the grit of the factory floor, our talent packs a punch with execution experience covering 112 companies, 24 industries, worldwide.


Our expertise also spans 31 specific business functions. This give us the unique muscle needed for specific challenges or solutions into specialized industry, technical or functional conditions such as: Cybersecurity, Compliance/Regulatory Products, Contracts, Marketing, Program Management, Change Management, Training.







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