Consumer Consent & Response

Satisfying new consumer rights is no longer an option… it’s the law! Weak consumer consent and cookie practices are inviting lawsuits. Our Consumer Consent & Response offerings establish a steady foundation for a successful consumer rights program. Between our 1-day Consumer Rights Assessment, our week-long Consumer Response Handling Jumpstart or our Consumer Consent Solution specializing in cookies, trackers and websites, we provide pragmatic next steps to optimize your customer experience and guide you towards compliance.

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Consumer Consent & Response Solutions

Consumer Consent & Response is the most consumer-facing component of your privacy program, Our packages address consumer request (intake, processing, delivery) and website activity inclusive of cookies, tracking technologies, and privacy notices.

Consumer Rights Assessment

The Consumer Rights Assessment uses our 4 key pillars to review and assesses your current consumer program inclusive of consumer requests and website analysis. You will receive a customized Customer Journey Map with Scorecard detailing practical recommendations to remediate gaps. (single day)

Consumer Response Handling Jumpstart

The Consumer Response Handling  Jumpstart is a highly interactive, week-long program that expands our single day assessment build out necessary items in your consumer consent and response program. The engagement includes training for your team, deep review of your consumer intake process, and templates to streamline your process for utmost compliance.
(5 days)

Consumer Consent Solutions

Consumer Consent Solutions focuses on website data analysis for compliance inclusive of full cookie discovery and analysis, Nth party data sharing discovery, consent honor tracking, litigation support, and Cookie Management Platform maintenance and training to ensure your privacy policy and cookie banner are reflective of your website. (one-time and annual)

The Process of Engaging with Privageo

How you handle website trackers & consumer data requests defines your customer experience.
We offer Assessments & Jumpstarts amongst our Consumer offerings.


Consumer Rights Assessment:

  • Understanding the current state of your program
  • Legal and operational training
  • Discovery into 4 key pillars of Consumer Rights
  • Customer Journey Map including cookie scans & insights
  • Scorecard with gap analysis, MVP program & actionable steps
  • Uncover website trackers & cookies


PLUS Response Handling Jumpstart:

  • Consent design, cookies and opt-outs
  • Request intake, notices and design
  • Back-end tools, workflows & templates
  • Effectiveness metrics & training
  • Scorecard with gap analysis, MVP program & actionable steps


Ongoing program maintenance including compliance upkeep

Outsourced management of specific pieces or full privacy program

Ongoing monitoring of website cookies & trackers to maintain compliance

Overwhelmed by customer requests or website cookie requirements?

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What are the 
4 key pillars?

Consumer Rights encompasses 4 key pillars from Privageo’s perspective – which we address in all of our Consumer Consent & Response engagements: Consents, Requests, Responses, Effectiveness. In the Assessment, we educate your team on each pillar but in the Response Handling Jumpstart & Consumer Consent & Cookie Solution, we deep dive into all 4 for your business.

Need a firm privacy foundation? Our Full Privacy
Jumpstart is our most common starting place.