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Our approach is simple and pragmatic. We help organizations assess the impact of regulations and develop focused, prioritized strategies and tactics that address the areas of greatest risk.

Data Privacy Ecosystem

The span of Data Privacy can be daunting and while many providers offer fractional solutions, Privageo’s approach is holistic.
Our Data Privacy ecosystem frames the 7 key components you’ll need as part of your Data Privacy roadmap.

Consumer Trust & Consent

Third Parties

PII Management

Data Protection

Privacy Leadership & Control

Communication & Training

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Consumer Trust and Consent

When consumers call to view and consent to the use of their PII Data, your people, systems and procedures need to respond. Our “Customer Experience Blueprint” ensures that your company builds trust that delights consumers.
Covers: consumer rights, authentication, request, response, tracking, verification.

Data Protection

Protecting consumer data from breaches or unauthorized use is essential to earning their trust and securing your reputation as good data steward. Our solutions are architected around the Federal Cybersecurity and Privacy framework (NIST-800 – 53 Revision 5), which ensures completeness of your solution and stands up to legal scrutiny.
Covers: security, retention, encryption, archival, integrity.

Personal Information Management

As good stewards of your consumer PII data, it is essential to know where it is stored, how it’s being used and with whom its shared. With data constantly changing and moving, this is no small feat. Our “PII Data Suite” solution helps you meet this challenge in a sensible, prioritized way.
Covers: inventory, classification, mapping.

Communication and Training

Data Privacy management resonates throughout your entire organization. Everyone from senior staff to ground-floor employees need to understand it’s importance. Privageo’s Governance Leadership solution embeds Data Privacy “thinking” into your business. It’s not just about risk mitigation… it’s about building and solidifying a culture of trust.
Covers: communication, training, marketing.

Privacy Leadership & Control

Implementing Data Privacy is complex, considering it touches most facets of your operation. Clear leadership roles & responsibilities, corporate policies, management controls, legal policy and contractual changes are some of the key components. Privageo’s Governance Leadership offering organizes your efforts to deliver the insights & control needed in your organization.
Covers: Data Privacy Office, policies, procedures, strategy, controls, roles.

Third Parties

PII data is commonly exchanged with external partners (e.g. sharing, purchasing, selling, trading etc.). As trusted caretakers of PII data, you have the obligation to ensure that your consumer’s PII data remains secure and used only as intended. Privageo’s Governance Leadership solution identifies and reviews contractual agreements with exchange partners to increase visibility, tighten controls and reduce PII data misuse.
Covers: contracts, exchanges, auditing, risk management.

Quick-Start Engagements

Rapid solutions to engage your most pressing challenges.

Single Day Roadmap

Our fast tracked single day solution to assess your privacy preparedness. It delivers a prioritized ‘heatmap’ risk assessment, high-level CCPA plan of action, and cost estimates for C-suite review and budgeting.Timeframe: 1 Day

Employment Jumpstart

Single Day Privacy Roadmap plus TWO additional days with an Employment Specialist and Legal Advisory. Includes employment data asset discovery, customer legal documentation, and attorney client privilege.Timeframe: 3 Days

Enterprise Jumpstart

Includes Single Day Privacy Roadmap and Employment Jumpstart plus THREE additional days of consumer data asset inventory to deliver an enterprise-wide comprehensive asset inventory.Timeframe: 6 Days

Security Assessments

Many NEW laws now require independent security risk assessments be performed annually.​ Privageo’s assessments are CSO performed and validated – delivering prioritized, actionable findings that can be used for acquisition or insurance.Timeframe: Up to 2 Weeks


Privageo’s extensive leadership and executive mindset compels us to a design approach balancing risk cost
and investment capacity. All our solutions are driven by this mantra. Using AGILE we meet Data Privacy challenges with prioritized and phased deliverables. This keeps clients in control and enables rapid pragmatic adjustment as data privacy regulations evolve and as budgets or staffing demand change.

Suits To Boots

“C-Suite” expertise and fancy talk does little to help you manage the required details of a successful data privacy program. So will make sure we have the muscle to be equally comfortable with board room strategy as we do executing in the data trenches with your team. We call it our ”Suits to Boots” approach.

Passion for Customers

Consumers want companies to demonstrate the same care with their personal data as they would their own. Yet the continual news of data breaches and misuses only serves to further erode confidence and trust. That’s why we keep one eye trained on the privacy experience of your consumers. We aspire to turn our data privacy executions beyond just “must do” compliance and toward building loyalty experiences that create trust for consumers and differentiation for clients.

Proven Frameworks

Since Data Privacy and cyber – security standards cannot be taken lightly we align our solutions services and methods to match those of the most nationally recognized frameworks: NCF and NIST. Our reliance on these established frameworks help mitigate compliance risk and reduce other potential liabilities.

The companies that do the best job on managing a user’s privacy will be the companies that ultimately are the most successful.

Fred Wilson
Co-founder of Union Square Ventures

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