Marriott & British airways fines

British Airways and Marriott received the largest-ever fines under the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation this past week.

The U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) fined British Airways a proposed $230 million for an incident that took place from June to September 2018 and compromised the data of 500,000 customers. The ICO gave Marriott a $123 million proposed penalty for the loss of 339 million guest records, reported in November 2018. Both companies have the opportunity to respond to the fine before the ICO issues a final decision, and both companies already indicated they will appeal the decision.

But the GDPR fines were important for reasons well beyond numbers. The GDPR is a very broad rule with little detail, and companies have had few insights into how regulators in the EU would interpret the law, particularly what they would consider “adequate” security measures.

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