Edward Snowden Explains How Smartphones Spy On Us

How smartphones spy on us?

When Joe Rogan asks about how surveillance has changed since 2013, Edward notes that the biggest change is that “it’s mobile-first everything” acknowledging the massive increase in the number of smartphone users.

Ahead in the conversation, Snowden also tells how carriers are able to able to identify the movement of users using the IMEI and IMSI, identification numbers unique to a smartphone, and SIM cards.

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Tim Cook mourns the passing of ‘father of GDPR’ Giovanni Buttarelli

Apple CEO Tim Cook has written a piece for Italy’s most popular newspaper, mourning the passing of Europe’s head of data protection, Giovanni Buttarelli.

Buttarelli took the lead on the introduction of the world’s toughest privacy regulations, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR requirements are so stringent that even Apple had to boost its privacy efforts in order to comply …


The four key requirements of GDPR for companies processing personal data are:

  • There must be a specific, lawful reason to process the data
  • Personal data must be encrypted
  • You have a right to a copy of your data
  • You can ask for your data to be deleted

Apple had to take action on the third and fourth bullet points: It previously offered no easy way to access all the data the company held on you, and you could only ask for your Apple ID data to be disabled rather than deleted. You are now able to download a copy of all your data, and to choose between disabling and deleting your Apple ID data.

Apple committed to offering GDPR-standard privacy protections to its customers worldwide, and Cook has called for a federal privacy law in the US along the lines of Europe’s GDPR.


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