Study Shows Only 12% of Companies Are Ready For New CCPA Data Privacy Regulation

With just six weeks to go before the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) goes into effect on January 1, 2020, a surprisingly large percentage of companies are still not ready to handle the compliance demands of the new data privacy regulation. According to a study of 85 companies by New York-based data privacy technology company Ethyca, only 12% of companies have reach an “adequate state of compliance” ahead of the new data privacy regulation becoming law. Moreover, nearly four in ten companies (38%) need at least 12 months to become compliant. With the state attorney general’s office in California suggesting that enforcement actions will begin immediately, that could present a number of problems for compliance laggards.

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GDPR compliance is paying off for the minority of businesses who make the grade

This is according to research published today by Capgemini Research Institute, which surveyed 1,100 senior executives from companies across the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, India, the UK and the US.

It found that while only 28% of companies had successfully achieved GDPR compliance, 92% of those who were compliant reported having a competitive advantage as a result.

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