Privacy Assessment and Roadmap
Right-sized to fit your business, this executive-tailored workshop educates and aligns your leadership team to ensure you are in compliance with all consumer data privacy laws. After focused interviews and aligning sessions over 1-2 days, we deliver a prioritized, Risk Based Privacy Roadmap ™ which follows Privageo’s own Privacy Framework, giving you a specific path to follow to compliance.

Privacy Jumpstart
Most companies lack visibility or adequate knowledge about the personal data they collect and store both for consumers and employees. Privacy Jumpstarts identify where you are and establish the starting point for your data privacy compliance journey that will align your team on privacy laws and functions, build a data asset inventory, prioritize the risks and business requirements and define next steps for your company.

Employment Jumpstart
Employees, applicants, contractors, retirees and beneficiaries have new and growing rights with respect to the data collected about them. Similarly, employers have new legal obligations to address those rights. The Employment Jumpstart aligns the leadership team on privacy laws and risk mitigation, provides education about the law, and delivers a client-tailored privacy risk assessment and prioritized 30-60-90 day Privacy Roadmap to get your company compliant.

Third Party Risk Jumpstart
Proactively managing data shared with your vendors is critical to preventing losses and fines. YOU are responsible for the data you share with third parties. The Third Party Risk Jumpstart analyzes the data you share with third parties and ranks the risks and next steps to keep you compliant with current laws.

Consumer Consent and Response
Privacy laws have granted consumers rights that hold YOU responsible the moment their personal data is shared with you! Customized to your business needs, Consumer Consent and Response delivers streamlined workflows that optimize the customer experience and ensures legal compliance.

Annual Maintenance
Privacy laws now require businesses to prove regular audits of their compliance and ensure consistent improvement of their privacy programs or risk facing fines and penalties. Privageo’s annual maintenance service provides leadership the visibility and insights to re-prioritize efforts based on your changing risks, regulations and operations.

The companies that do the
best job on managing a
user’s privacy will be the
companies that ultimately
are the most successful.

Fred Wilson

Co-founder of Union Square Ventures


Security Assessments
Many NEW laws now require independent security risk assessments be performed annually.​ Privageo’s assessments are CSO performed and validated – delivering prioritized, actionable findings that can be used for acquisition or insurance.

Data Security Solutions
Targeted solutions and security programs identify and prioritize the immediate, critical gaps that will deliver the most impactful results when addressed. Programs and solutions cover safeguards that include: automated system hardening, privileged access management, managed detection and response, patching cadence, and cybersecurity training.

Wherever you are on your consumer data privacy or security journey, contact us to move your compliance efforts forward