PII Data Suite


At the core of Data Privacy is the management of the consumers’ sensitive data. The mastery, engagement, and management of PII as it aligns to your business, defines your Data Privacy strategy.


Like any good data steward, we aspire to DO as you would. That means we use our comprehensive discovery process to prioritize data by its privacy risk, sensitivity, and costs to mitigate. Based on that, our efforts are simply staged; focusing on managing HIGH risk, HIGH value assets and tiering down to the lowest acceptable threshhold per your governance plan.

Scope and Deliverable

Privageo applies right sized internal and external tools to vet and enrich the three critical CCPA data management functions:

  • Privageo’s 1st level data solution is ‘Data Inventory’ a comprehensive review and enrichment of your consumers’ PII. We find PII at rest/in motion, structured or unstructured and append the critical data needed to align to CCPA compliance e.g.: data sources or partners, type, categories and locations.
  • Privageo’s 2nd level data solution is ‘Data Classification’. This engagement creates a customized data classification for each inventoried data element as defined in the context of CCPA. It then adds required attributes and metadata specifically aligned to your company’s usage, policies and legal interpretations.
  • Privageo’s 3rd level data solution is ‘Data Flow.’ This component maps the flow of your PII data from collection through all of your processing systems. The data’s usage, storage, retention, archival, and deletion requirements are also defined. The resulting flow map scopes the outline for DSAR execution among all systems.