Privacy Assessments

CCPA Quick Start

Our fast tracked solution to assess your preparedness for CCPA. It delivers a prioritized ‘heatmap’ risk assessment, high-level CCPA plan of action, and cost estimates for C-suite review and budgeting.
3-4 week assessment

CCPA Comprehensive

Delivers a fully detailed, data privacy risk assessment, gap analysis with specific prioritized Plans of Actions and Milestones. Our solution mitigates risk scrutiny, limits liability and ensures completeness of your privacy program.
2-5 month assessment

Execution Solutions

PII Data Suite

Offers solution to the three separately defined CCPA data challenges, blended for efficiency or applied separately to target gaps:
Data Inventory
Data Classification
Data Flow Mapping

Governance Leadership

Establishes Data Privacy Program governance across all key management arenas, ensuring consistent policy and companywide procedure:

Privacy Leadership and Controls
Legal and Risk Management
Communications and Training

Consumer Blueprint

Defines and specifies how your company will handle the consumer request and response actions required under CCPA. This includes:
DSAR verification
Content and Training
Management Mechanisms and more..