Governance Leadership


To ensure legal compliance you need a Data Privacy Program that includes leadership, operational controls, clear communications and sound legal interpretation. Privageo’s “Governance Leadership” solution establishes strong Data Privacy practices that stand up to regulatory scrutiny and deliver consumer trust.


Working in conjunction with your C suite –typically CEO, Legal, COO. CMO, and CSO – we quickly assess an organization’s privacy readiness and strategies related to each key leadership area of Privageo’s seven Privacy dimensions. We work to refine the mitigation of gaps and draft Plans of Action and Milestones (POAM) in accordance with NCF standards. We focus on revised policies, contracts and responsibilities of 3rd parties, and training and culturation to drive sound data privacy execution enterprise wide.


Privacy Leadership & Control – Ensures that roles, responsibilities, and enterprise-wide policies are clearly established with operational controls to ensure consistent execution.

· Legal and Risk Management – Creates the framework for ongoing risk mitigation program. This ensures that gaps are prioritized with “Plans of Action and Milestone” (POAM’s) are in place to address weaknesses. It establishes the processes for ongoing legal review of contracts with third parties with whom you share data. Lastly, risk mitigating policies are reviewed to minimize loss in the event of breaches AND unauthorized use.

· Communication and Training Programs – Embedding sound Data Privacy Practices and cultural values into the fabric of your company requires planned, ongoing communication and employee training Elevating employee privacy awareness helps mitigate compliance risk while earning consumer trust.


  • Leadership Roles & Responsibilities
  • Data Privacy Policies & Procedures
  • Legal and Contractual Review (including third parties)
  • Communication Program
  • Employee Training Program
  • Privacy Culture Creation