Consumer Experience Blueprint


How your firm responds to its consumers’ data privacy requests matters. Your customer’s experience will define your brand, customer loyalty and likely lifetime value.


Privageo’s CX Blueprint designs the customer experience. We build verifiable operational processes to accept and respond to customer requests in compliance with CCPA mandated requirements.


Privageo designs pragmatic compliance approaches that meet regulatory requirements while also respecting your bottom line. We bring our management perspective to every engagement by blending our 40+ years of C-suite experience with Operations know-how and Agile development practices. We bring this management perspective to every engagement. Critical to Data Privacy, we architect for the whole enterprise to ensure clarity and the highest possible consumer experience.


Our CX Blueprint plainly designs your DSAR (“Data Subject Access Responses”) architecture by spelling out:

  • Consumer request and response handling
  • Internal procedural design to support response handling
  • Consumer experience standards and training content
  • Customer service systems and data management mechanisms
  • Draft policies and procedures for DSAR and verification

The Privageo CX Blueprint builds consumer trust and confidence by creating an enterprise-wide plan that is aligned to your company’s strategy and focused on an optimal customer experience.