Coffee with Privacy Pros: “Privacy Policy is Human Progress”

AT&T’s mission statement is simple: “To inspire human progress through the power of communication and entertainment.” To achieve such an immense goal, AT&T could not just be a phone company.

AT&T, one of the top ten Fortune 500 companies, is now four distinct business units: AT&T Communications, which provides cable, internet, and phone services totaling more than $144 billion in revenue annually in the U.S., WarnerMedia (with fixture HBO) adding $33 billion, AT&T Latin America with over $7 billion, and finally, Xandr’s $2 billion contribution of advanced advertising solutions, which powers the data intelligence gathered from customer insights from parts of all the aforementioned AT&T businesses. Together, the new AT&T is “reinventing the way the media and entertainment industry works for consumers, content creators, distributors and advertisers.” This involves using customer data, such as viewing habits, likes/dislikes, and browsing history, all with the appropriate levels of permission, aggregation, and other safeguards. Some of the data can be considered quite private, so issues of trust, clarity, and choice are important.


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