ProTech 360


Privageo’s ‘CCPA Comprehensive’ program takes ‘Essentials’ to the next level. It delivers a full, detailed risk assessment of the current environment with specific prioritized plans of actions for support. It also provides a resource plan with clear work assignments, due dates and supporting budgets.


“CCPA Comprehensive” extends depth across the all components in the Data Privacy ecosystem. This offering is in full compliance with the privacy components of NIST 800-53, revision 5 with timing scoped in alignment to your compliance goals.


Working in conjunction with your staff, we will conduct comprehensive surveys, interviews and data gathering activities that will provide the details necessary to formulate a comprehensive assessment of your current Data Privacy posture. Findings will identify gaps that result in a Plan of Action and Milestone (POAM) in accordance with the full federally adopted standards (NIST 800-53) related to Data Privacy.


  • Interviews with key stakeholders tied to the full NIST 800-53 Cybersecurity framework
  • Review of current processes and data governance related artifacts
  • Review of your technical / data environment includes a full data inventory Data
  • Comprehensive Risk “Heat Map” identifying areas where you are most vulnerable and mitigating actions to address high risk components
  • Consumer Data Privacy Request and Response Blueprint (DSAR)
  • Detailed roadmap of prioritized activities including scope, time estimates, work assignments, staffing needs and budgets.